smash documentation#

Date: Jun 28, 2024 Version: 1.0.1

smash is a computational software framework dedicated to Spatially distributed Modelling and ASsimilation for Hydrology, enabling to tackle spatially distributed differentiable hydrological modeling, with learnable parameterization-regionalization. This platform enables to combine vertical and lateral flow operators, either process-based conceptual or hydrid with neural networks, and perform high dimensional non linear optimization from multi-source data. It is designed to simulate discharge hydrographs and hydrological states at any spatial location within a basin and reproduce the hydrological response of contrasted catchments, both for operational forecasting of floods and low flows, by taking advantage of spatially distributed meteorological forcings, physiographic data and hydrometric observations.

Getting Started

New to smash? Check out the getting started guides.

User Guide

The user guide provides in depth-information of the smash library.

API Reference

The reference guide contains a detailed description of the smash API.

Math / Num Documentation

This documentation contains a detailed description of the smash model operators and associated mathematical and numerical tools.